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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions, if something is not covered here please contact us.


Q) Where are you based?

A) We have a contact and service location in Auckland and Melbourne, with our main base in Hong Kong.  We do not have a physical store and are online only. 


Q) Are prices on your website the final price to get my product delivered?

A) That's right. We have expedited shipping options and there is a small rural shipping cost  View more information on shipping here.


Q) I’m amazed at your great prices, how are your prices so low?

A) We have efficient processes and reduced unnecessary hidden costs that most shops have.  We ship our products on demand from our overseas distribution.  


Q) Are your products Parallel Imported?

A) Yes. We ship direct to you from our distribution in Australia, Hong Kong.


Q) Is the charger for my locale and are documentation and manuals in English?

A) Generally yes. As we parallel import at times the manuals and documentation with an item may not be in English. We will do our best to provide you a PDF or copy an English manual for your reference.  We provide your local charger and/or an adapter.


Q) What payment methods do you accept? 

A) Payment methods can be found here.   We have a 256 bit secure SSL checkout process to ensure your privacy and security.


Q) An item is showing as available, does this mean it's in stock? 

A) Yes. It's available in our warehouse and ready to ship to you.


Q) The product I want is out of stock, will more be available? 

A) Yes. Send us an email info@supero.co.nz to let us know you are interested and we will contact you when the product next becomes available.


Q) Are your products 100% genuine and new? 

A) Yes. We only provide 100% genuine, brand new items only. Verification can be obtained via IMEI or Serial Numbers.  We do not sell ex demo, used or refurbished items. 


Q) Where do you ship your products from? 

A) We ship our products from our distribution in Hong Kong, Melbourne.

Please see our detailed shipping guide: https://supero.co.nz/shipping-returns/  


Q) Which delivery companies do you use? 

A) We only use premium, fast and reliable shipping methods. We use FedEx, DHL, Toll, TNT, Poste Haste, Courierpost, NZ Post and NZ couriers

Please see our detailed shipping guide: https://supero.co.nz/shipping-returns/  


Q) I'm going overseas or I have a due date for gift and I need the item ASAP. 

A) Please contact us if you require your item urgently, we ship from overseas and thave an expedited option to receive within 2 - 4 working days. If you're going overseas or purchasing as a gift, we recommend you plan your order accordingly in order to avoid disappointment.

Please see our detailed shipping guide: https://supero.co.nz/shipping-returns/  


Q) I don't live in NZ can I get items shipped to my country? 

A) That depends on where you want to ship. Payments for purchases outside New Zealand can only be made using PayPal and need to be from a PayPal verified account. All international orders are screened and we may require identification to process your payment.


Q) Do you require ID to verify my Credit Card order?

A) On the rare occasion to authenticate your payment, we may request you to provide ID to ensure you are authorised.


Q) Do you check goods prior to shipping.

A) Yes, in fact we QC check all goods prior to shipping for your peace of mind, we then place our QC check seal on the box. 


Q) Can you provide electronic goods that are not listed on your website? 

A) Yes we can, send us an email to info@supero.co.nz and tell us what you are looking for. 


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